Barbara | Langwarrin

November-23-2019 Bark busters rating

Excellent service. Explained clearly and patient with my inefficient BAH - still not very effective but working on it

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Simone | langwarrin

June-17-2019 Bark busters rating

Our lesson was done on 2011 and Paul made the techniques easy to understand by explaining the reasons behind them.Milo tried hard to dominate our training for the first 3 days but he came around and responded well. It was most enjoyable which makes it easy to practice. Milo was very dependent with my father who passed away in 2018 and Milo stopped responding to commands after he passed. I called for much needed help (8 years later) and both Milo and I got a helpful refresher visit. We are both back on track and Milo responded well and we are both having fun again! Life of the Dog Guarantee is just fantastic.

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Michele | Mornington

October-08-2018 Bark busters rating

I met Paul when Rosie was a puppy and I was a first time dog owner in March 2004. Sadly, Rosie passed away after a long and happy life in June 2018 at the ripe old age of 14 years and 7 months. I purchased the Lifetime Package for Rosie and over the years I did need to contact Paul a couple of times for advice. I got a companion for Rosie and Paul worked with me to ensure that Rosie accepted and enjoyed the presence of a playmate in her castle. Unfortunately this puppy died very young and once again Paul helped me with supporting Rosie through the grief process after the puppy's passing. I am getting a new puppy in about 4 weeks and I am hoping that Paul will once again help me with training this puppy to be as lovable and well behaved as Rosie was for her 14+ years. I have recommended Barkbusters to many people over the years and I am confident that Paul will train my new puppy as successfully as he did with my beloved and very missed Rosie.

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Ellisha | Frankston

December-09-2017 Bark busters rating

Paul was amazing! Very informative and able to answer all of my questions. I noticed a significant change in my dogs behaviour throughout the lesson and would recommend him to anybody needing guidance with trainning their dog! Thankyou Paul

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Louise | Frankston

November-04-2017 Bark busters rating

Paul was very patient and profesional. Betty is gorgeous but stubborn. Have already put his training in action and can see an improvement. I like that there is follow up if needed and he has given us a strong basis to follow through with. Well worth the phone call.

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Stacey | Mount Martha

September-28-2017 Bark busters rating

After three hours I feel like we have a new dog! Sadie responded to Paul immediately. His manner with her was firm, encouraging and clear. I love the simple commands and signs he has taught me to use with her that are easy to implement. Thanks to Paul, I now have confidence in what to expect from my dog and how to instruct her.

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Emilia | Pakenham

September-25-2017 Bark busters rating

I was nervous about the training as I didn't think Bruno could get help, I have done other training with him and nothing seemed to work. But Paul was fantastic and the way he talked us through what to do was extremely helpful! The way they train is simple and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him to anyone having dog issues!!

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Tara | Geelong

June-17-2017 Bark busters rating

My partner and I are very happy with Paul's service. He's taught us simple techniques to show our dog that we are the leaders and he can rely on us to make the decisions. We took Balto out for a walk and past some dogs he usually reacts to, however by the end of our walk, he was walking past those dogs, next to us, and not trying to drag me away. Very impressed!


Corrina | Coronet Bay

May-10-2017 Bark busters rating

Paul was amazing and I feel so blessed to have him come to my household and assist me to learn 'dog speak'!! My 8 mth old puppy was a nuisance barker and very excitable not listening to commands. Within 1 session of 3hrs, my dog is now looking to me for direction and approval and has not barked at all the usual things that he had previously, such as a bird flying over the backyard! Charlie now seems more relaxed and is not constantly on guard and barking like he was prior to today's lesson. Thank you Paul!!!

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Erin | Tullamarine

March-10-2017 Bark busters rating

Hi Paul, Hope you are well. I am just following up as we were meant to touch base about making a time to come visit. At this stage with the dogs we are travelling along well and I don't see the need for you to come out for a visit - which is a good thing! Your first visit last year helped us so much. Our dogs Minnie and Lola have settled well. I will keep in touch with you in the future if any other issues may arise that we need help with. Thanks so much Paul,

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Anke | Langwarrin

January-01-2017 Bark busters rating

Hi Paul, thanks for coming yesterday, we have a completely new dog !Murphy had got a bit too, he is listening, coming when we call him, hardly barks, we can go for a swim and sit outside and eat in peace with Murphy around us, such a big change. we wish you and your family a nice Christmas, Anke Sent from my iPhone

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Annette | Sunshine West

May-26-2016 Bark busters rating

What can l say, "thank you" just doesn't seem enough for what l received in my one on one training session with Paul today. I am forever I indebted to you. The time you spent to explained and educate myself was life changing. I will never have a home with no order again. I have 3 beautiful fur babies, 2 are my daughter's and l is mine. I thought l had everything under control until we adopted our 11 month old blind poodle. My home was turned into complete chaos, both boys hating the newest addition and causing absolute stress. I soon realized it was time to gain my control back in home, so after our yearly check up with my Local Vet who highly recommended Paul, that's all the convincing l needed to call and book in my training session. Paul spent a total of 5hrs at my home, educating and training myself as well as our boys. I never once felt l had a time limit, my training would take as long as it needed, said Paul. I can't thank you enough Paul, for teaching me how to be the Alpha Dog in my home and to restore order and harmony back into my home. I highly recommend Bark Busters you certainly will not be disappointed with their service, money definitely well spend. I am one very satisfied customer.

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Katherine | West Brunswick

April-16-2016 Bark busters rating

We are delighted with the results from Paul's training. Yes, you can teach an old dog (9 years old)! Our dog's main problem was barking when he was excited. This has reduced dramatically. We continue with making Jack sit, stay, stop etc. One time he even sat down at the front door with no command before we went for a walk. We now make him sit when we are out walking and that is coming along well. Practicing the commands followed by praising Jack has changed the home environment absolutely for the better. Thanks Paul. M & K

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Lynn | Hastings

January-07-2016 Bark busters rating

Paul was very professional and polite. He explained everything clearly and showed us techniques to train Nuggie . Nuggie is responding well . Thank you Paul and Bark Busters.

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Leigh | Deer Park

December-31-2015 Bark busters rating

Paul was fantastic! 10 minutes into our lesson my dog was sitting & listening to what I was telling him. The techniques that Paul taught me were easy & effective! By the end of our session I had a different dog - the one I've always wanted! I'm so glad I got Paul out to visit us, we will have a much happier family & dog! Thanks Paul.

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Helen | Newport

April-27-2015 Bark busters rating

Paul was very well presented and very well spoken. We all felt like we were learning and that we had achieved results on the day by taking time to put into practice. We were all (3 of us) given turns to try the techniques. Thank you Paul!


Alysha | Altona North

March-29-2015 Bark busters rating

With Paul's guidance I was able to quickly understand where I was going wrong in letting Taz be the leader. Taz and I are now able to communicate in a way that benefits both of us and our new rules and techniques are being picked up very quickly. And who would of known she CAN actually walk on a leash without pulling! Worth every cent, thanks Paul!

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Alana | Pakenham

December-17-2014 Bark busters rating

Thank you Paul, great to have some successful tools behind us to help us gain a more happier stress free lifestyle.

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Narelle | Tarneit

December-11-2014 Bark busters rating

Thank you so much Paul for a revisit after so long with Axel!! A refresher on what we were doing wrong was what we needed and hopefully our lives will get back on track again and we can enjoy our beautiful boy Axel again with our new baby Archer. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

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Luke | bendigo

October-20-2014 Bark busters rating

Very easy and interesting. A whole new dog, very happy. I will recommend to all clients and friends. My vet will also recommend.


Dennis | Bendigo

October-20-2014 Bark busters rating

The techniques and instructions were easy to understand and follow.